“Nice to Meet Ya”

I am so excited!!! This is my very first post and I am thrilled!  I have wanted to start a blog for a VERY long time after drooling over other blogs that I have literally been addicted to for quite a while 🙂  I love crafting, DIY projects, photography, recipes, bluegrass music, farming…I could go on & on.  I have many dear family and friends that I can share many of my passions with, but every time that I read someone’s awesome blog, I always think to myself…”Man, if I could talk with them, we would be the best of friends!  We have so much in common!”  I guess those thoughts are what has driven me to create a blog, so that I can create friendships with others out there in the wide world who may not live as close to me or even in my humble part of the world.  God is so good and gives us each different gifts and talents and I am continuously amazed by the gifts that he has not only given to me, but amazed at the gifts that he has so graciously given to others.  It is a dear pleasure to have met you & I cannot wait to call you friend.  Thanks for stopping by my site and I hope that I can in some way be a blessing to you today!  Blessings to you!


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