Drop Cloth TableCloth

Ok Y’all…so bear with me here 🙂

You have to know from the start that J & I live in a barn…literally!  The ‘cabin’ that we currently live in was converted into a “Little House on the Prairie” home from a ‘three pole barn’ (Three sections).  The house was built long ago and where our kitchen is, there used to be a boat and wood shop area.  The place where our living room stands used to serve as the main entry way for the barn, where tractors and different machinery were parked.  This is the best part…our bedroom is where the cows were kept!  How convenient!  Although J and I were high school sweethearts, our flame was rekindled while feeding baby calves several years later 🙂  So please bear in mind that this barn/house is rather small.  There are still no dividers, except for the living room/kitchen area.  Everything else is WIDE OPEN SPACES!  However, wide open spaces paves the way for very little storage space.  So with that, I have had to be a bit creative in regards to where I store things.  Like this for instance…

J decided to buy a bunch of gun reloading equipment and built himself a work table.  This work table soon became a “let’s pile a bunch of junk and leave it there forever” table.  I can’t stand clutter and the table and I soon became acquaintances.  J wanted to simply throw it out, but I just couldn’t bear to part with it 🙂  So…I bought a DropCloth from Lowe’s.  Cheap-Simple-Natural Colors. My kind of project.  I had seen a link to a similar project here:


and thought that I may could replicate it somehow, as a way to hide the storage bins that I would need to place underneath.

Before the DropCloth Tablecloth :(

Before the DropCloth Tablecloth 😦

It currently serves as our ‘TV Table”, but I am hoping to build a built in/console center eventually through these plans:


And After...(sorry for the poor photo quality)

And After…(sorry for the poor photo quality)

So, until then, I guess this will do.  What can I expect when I live in a barn!!? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Drop Cloth TableCloth

  1. I think it turned out really nicely! I can’t stand clutter either, so I can completely relate! I’m glad you were able to find a cute fix that seems to hide everything underneath fairly well. 🙂

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