Life Happens.

“Life Happens”.


I’ve heard it over and over, many, many times…

But here lately…I’ve learned that this ‘all to often used’ phrase is the honest truth.

I have not posted in what seems like forever because…”Life Happens”.

After my last post, J’s grandfather passed away, I had the end of our school year approaching, crazy /excited Kindergarteners-ready to get out of school for the summer, my own college classes (one of which about whooped my behind ), summer vacation, summer projects, another wedding at ‘Fairwinds Farm’

Upton Wedding @ Fairwinds Farm

Upton Wedding @ Fairwinds Farm

…The list goes on and on.

Even in the midst of always/constantly being busy, I have learned to appreciate the fact that I am consistently ‘GOING-ALL THE TIME’.  I now have my ‘summer vacation’ before school starts back up & have caught myself saying “I’m bored”!  Even though I have countless DIY projects yet to do, a chicken coop to build, a barn to re-decorate, I still thrive on that “ever busy” frame of mind.  I think I inherited that from my Mama.  She is ALWAYS doing something!

So hopefully…you all will see some new {completed} projects soon!  I promise!  For the sake of my ‘boredom’ !

Hope you all are having a LOVELY Summer!

Talk To Ya’ Soon!