“And on that Farm…”

Meet The Girls!





May I introduce you to the newest members of the Clark Family?  I’m pleased to introduce you to Daisie & Lillie!  They are our beautiful bovines!

I LOVE their lashes!!!

Lillie is actually named after my Great-Grandmother Lillie, who is ninety-four, and still, to this day, talks about milking her ‘Jersey’ cow.  She also talks about all the delicious milk & butter that came from her favorite cow.

Maybe this is where I inherited my love for cattle???

Hey There Friends!

I know that it is a little late in regards to Easter, but I wanted to share with you our most recent event at Fairwinds Farm.

J & I recently hosted a Kindergarten Easter Egg Hunt at the farm for approximately 70 Kindergarten’ers & some of their lovely parents!

To say the least…We had SOOooOOO Much Fun!

Start of the Egg Hunt!
Baskets Galore!

To start things off, as soon as they arrived at the farm, they started their egg hunt.  The easter bunny (AKA my wonderful mother, husband and in-laws)  had to hide almost 900 eggs the night before + help decorate the barn!  By the end, they were running out of hiding places and basically dropping them as they went! 🙂  Each classroom had two ‘special’ eggs that contained something more than candy, like money or a special prize.  J wanted to hide a ‘Farm’ egg, as a ‘Thank You’ for visiting the farm, and placed a $20 bill inside a huge ‘black’ egg.  Lol!  I was so tempted to knock a few little ones over to get to that one!  (Just kidding)  There were indeed a few lucky children who found the ‘prize’ eggs and were thrilled!  The little fella’ that found J’s egg said, “Wow Mommy, I’ve never had a $20 before, that will buy TONS of LEGOS” (precious)!

After the WILD Egg Hunt, each class rotated stations.  The stations consisted of (1)  Visiting the calves and chickens (2) Planting Jelly Beans (3) Bubble Station (4) Pinata Hit.  The kiddos had a ball!

Pinata Time! It took this class FOREVER to bust their pinata LOL!
Planting their JellyBean seeds!

However, during one of the class’ visit to the calve/chicken station, something rather funny happened!  I had previously made individual ‘chick feed’ packets for each student, with their name on the ‘sealable’ plastic packet.  As I was passing them out, one of the students asked, “What do we do with this?”  I then explained that all they had to do was simply throw the feed into the fence and the chickens would peck it off the ground.  I then continued to finish passing out the feed packets to the other twenty students surrounding me.  By the time I looked up, I literally seen about fifteen ‘enclosed/sealed’ plastic feed baggies lying inside the chicken coop!!  I busted out laughing, as did the other grown-ups around me.  As I was diving inside the coop to retrieve the ‘poop covered’ baggies, I said, “That just goes to show that Kindergarten’ers take you for your word!”

At the JellyBean Planting station, each class was asked to plant JellyBeans!  They loved it!  Later, while they were having a picnic in the field, eating their lunches, J and I snuck behind the barn and placed lollipops in the crate of soil, and then presented each class with their ‘harvest’ 🙂

JellyBean Harvest!

After lunch, they had ‘Bunny Hop’ races, ‘Duck Walk’ races, and “Walk the Egg” Races.


All in all, it turned out to be a beautiful day with lots of wonderful memories made for not only J & I, but for 70 Kindergarten’ers and their families.

Love and Blessings to You All! -Bethany La’Rae

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